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This Saltmarsh Carbon Stock dataset was released as part of the Phase 2 of the National Ocean Account.

The unit for the carbon stock amount presented in the data is mega tonnes of carbon (MtC).

Saltmarsh are coastal wetlands that are regularly inundated with tidal sea water and consist of salt tolerant species of grasses and herbs. Saltmarshes are found in temperate, subtropical and some tropical climatic regions and provide coastal protection by stabilising sediments and reducing wave action. Saltmarsh provide important habitat for small fish and invertebrates as well as grounds for feeding and roosting by migratory birds.

Carbon stock accounts record the amount of carbon stored within an ecosystem in an accounting area and describe how totals have changed within the accounting period.

The dataset used in Young et al. (2020) was used to model carbon stocks. The data is raster data at a 100m resolution, with one raster providing the ecosystem and another providing the megagrams (tonnes) of carbon stored.

Towards A National Ocean Account is a discussion article that highlights learnings from the development of the Account. Feedback continues to be sought on the functionality and use of Phase 1 and 2 of the Account.

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Data and geography references
Source data publication: National Ocean Account, Experimental Estimates, November 2022
Geographic boundary information: Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Edition 3
Further information: Towards A National Ocean Account
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

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