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*** The beta release of this web service provides an opportunity to provide the ABS with feedback as we work to enhance the service for the Australian Climate Service (ACS). Availability of this dataset through this web service is not guaranteed and the data may be subject to change. ***

This dataset contains several indices related to risks to human health from Heatwaves. The indices were developed for the purpose of developing a National Climate Risk Assessment methodology for the Australian Climate Service (ACS). This data will support decision making on mitigation, preparedness and response options to extreme Heat that may reduce hazard exposure and social vulnerability. The indices are intended to be used as one line of evidence and considered along side other data/information about specific places.

Data is provided for the latest year available as at November 2023, for 2021 Statistical Areas Level 2 (SA2) - Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS), Edition 3.

An excel spreadsheet (About the data.xlsx) has been provided with labels and descriptions for each of the data items to assist with interpretation. Links to the source publications are also provided in the spreadsheet. The plain English labels in the spreadsheet may differ slightly from labels in the source publications.

Data considerations
Data is sourced from a wide variety of collections, both ABS and non-ABS. When analysing the data, care needs to be taken as time periods, definitions, methodologies, scope, and coverage can differ across collections.

Index values do not represent a quantity of risk, e.g. an area with a score of 0.25 is not twice as at risk as an area with a score of 0.5. We recommend using the quintiles for general analysis.

The indices are constrained by the information available in the source data e.g., the 2021 Census.

The indices are based on a snapshot of Australia in August 2021. The make-up of areas can change over time, which may vary the relative ranking of areas within Australia.

The indices are assigned to areas, not individuals. A relatively at higher risk SA1 or SA2 is likely to contain some people or groups who are relatively at lower risk (and vice versa).

Data values have been randomly adjusted or suppressed to avoid the release of confidential data. In some cases, small cells have been randomly altered to zero. Care should be taken when interpreting cells with small numbers or zeros.

Some data values may have been converted from one geographical boundary to another in order align to the 2021 SA2 boundaries provided.

Blank data cells indicate where data is not available.

Contact the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
If you have questions, feedback or would like to receive updates about this web service, please email For information about how the ABS manages any personal information you provide view the ABS privacy policy.

Data and geography references
Main source data publication: Understanding current and changing Heat risk to human health in Australia: Technical report - National Climate Risk Assessment Stage 0 Pilot
Geographic boundary information: Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Edition 3
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

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